In the Canadian French television series "Stat", a medical drama, a scene in an office of the Canadian Secret Services
There is no official merchandise of t-shirts or anything else from This Man, yet you can find many products online.
Dylan Dog is a horror detective featured in an Italian comic book series. Created by Tiziano Sclavi, he is known
Many dreams come to us from South Korea, but beyond these, there is a strong, curious, and diversified interest in
There's a truly intriguing horror role-playing game based on This Man that allows for a shared exploration of the meanings
When a boy into UFOs collides with a girl into ghosts, the universe will never be the same! Dandadan (ダンダダン) is a
Friday Night Trepidation is a open source and free-to-play rhythm horror game where you ("Boyfriend") rap against different characters. One
John Leonard Insull (1883–1974) was the greatest and most prolific maker of ventriloquial figures in the United Kingdom. In 1952,
In recent years, many street artists and graffiti artists have used This Man in their works. We don't know if
We have already reported here some people who got this man tattoo. It seems that many people want to have
Some weeks ago, someone launched a new cryptocurrency called THIS MAN on the Ethereum blockchain using the well-known portrait.
This Man appears in the music video of Good Nightmare by Akatsuki Records, a song about a mock TV advertisement
Over time a lot of independent musicians from all over the world have released albums and songs of different musical genres
Somethings in the woods is a short horror game that places you in the shoes of a Police Officer on
Someone found this man in some backrooms. ...
Since 2019, This Man has been featured in the video game AI: The Somnium Files. He appears twice, and players
There is a Pakistani ummati named Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim, bearing some resemblance to 'This Man,' who, during his
In 2021 This Man was used to design a ventriloquist dummy in the Freddy of the Spanish horror anthology television
There are artists who have made puppets of This Man. The first is Californian Monster Maker Carlos Gomez who made
Some crazy people in Japan tried to make-up as This Man. But also an italian cosplayer.
There was an holy man in Tamil India who sincerely affirm to be This Man. His name is Siddhar Ulagam
Probably the first man on planet earth to have This Man tattooed on his body is Daniel Belleza a brazilian
In 2018, Weekly Shōnen Magazine began running a five volumes manga based on This Man, It was illustrated by Kouji
There is a danish book titled "Den Der Falder" ("The One That Falls") of Michael Larsen that tells a story
Something odd happens in “This”, the second episode of Season 11 of The X-Files. There is a picture on the
Photoshop Surgeon is a firm that transform photos for viewing pleasure using Adobe PhotoShop. To prove their skills they decide to
Probably you know or came across someone who looks like This Man. Well... you are not alone.    
Orions Belte are a norwegian psychedelic blues band that play instrumental music inspired by Nigerian 70’s rock, postcards from the
This Man pop up at 9’28” of Lucid Dream, a 2017 South Korean science fiction film written and directed by Kim
Someone in Japan made a Where is Wally? style app only for iPhone. We really hope this game will help the
Another This Man video explanation by Draw My Life. This is in english and is wonderful.
An awesome video titled ¿Tú también has soñado con este hombre? is the first Draw My Life video for This Man.
A video edit with a lot of people talking about This Man
Many people are reusing the This Man digital poster and changing his face.  Why?