Many dreams come to us from South Korea, but beyond these, there is a strong, curious, and diversified interest in This Man in South Korea. We’ll tell you about some of them.

A reconstruction of the story of This Man was staged in the 2019 episode 497 of Mysterious TV Surprise (신비한TV 서프라이즈), which airs every Sunday on MBC, one of the main TV channels in South Korea.

Shinbi House (신비아파트), known as The Haunted House in the USA, is a popular South Korean anime that airs on Tooniverse, a cartoon and anime channel broadcast by E&M Division. The series tells the story of a 102-year-old green goblin named Shinbi, and siblings Hari and Duri Koo work together to help ghosts who died in an unfair accident. In the fifth episode of the second season aired on January 4, 2018, the protagonist is This Man, who appears in children’s nightmares. 
Here a summary: 31 Shinbi’s Apartment Ghosts! DAY NINETEEN: INCUBUS by Jonathan Wojcik.
Here below the full episode.

In 2021, the animation studio Jangbbijju (장삐쭈) used This Man as a character in the episode “Computer Error” of the series New Recruit. Currently, the video has garnered almost 6.8 million views.

Finally, his face is often associated with the youthful images of Huh Kyung-young (허경영), a multiple-time presidential candidate with the Nation Revolutionary Dividends Party, always obtaining results below 1%. Huh is an eccentric politician; he claims to possess the ability to levitate, have an IQ of 430, and be capable of teleportation.