In recent years, many street artists and graffiti artists have used This Man in their works. We don’t know if they have also dreamt about him. If you have any reports to make or can help us identify the artists, write to us.

unknow artist (2023, Ciudad de México, Mexico) photo: Hogre

unknow artist (2019, New York, Usa) photo: Allan Ludwig

unknow artist (2019, Melbourne, AUS) photo: Sophia De Leon

unknow artist (20**, London, UK?) photo: ???

unknow artist (2017, San Diego, Usa) photo: Cool San Diego Sights! (during Comic-Con 2017)

unknow (20**, somewhere) photo: ???

artist: E5K1M0 (2012, Portland, Usa) 

unknow artist (2012, Cumnor, UK) photo: ???