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Read this .pdf document with our last discovery!"

We have clear evidence about a strongly appearence of This Man beetwen January 7th and January 9th.

In the past mounths some individuals have been trying to stop this website's research, claiming that we might have a hidden marketing agenda. This is false!
Those individuals are probably just scared, of what This Man could soon be announcing in many people's dreams.

26-08-13 Malay flyer is on-line
09-20-12 Psycho Metal release a song about This Man
07-02-12 Thai flyer is on-line
02-10-12 Andy Stojek release a song about This Man
01-09-12 Amazing video from Rostov
01-18-11 Afrikaans flyer is on-line
01-13-11 Coverage on Suite 101
09-22-10 Great White Troll released a new song and music video inspired by This Man
04-26-10 Persian flyer is on-line
12-27-09 Finnish flyer is on-line
12-09-09 Japanese and Bielaruskaja flyers are on-line
11-12-09 Greek flyer is on-line
11-09-09 Arabic flyer is on-line
11-06-09 Coverage on Aerzte Zeitung (Germany)
11-04-09 Coverage on Ciudad (Argentina)
11-04-09 Slovak flyer is on-line
11-02-09 Video-coverage on Do1Tv (German)
11-02-09 Iceland flyer is on-line
11-01-09 Coverage on R7 Noticias (Brazil)
10-31-09 Coverage on MediaCat (Turkey)
10-31-09 Coverage on Edmond Journal (Canada)
10-31-09 Coverage on El Periodico (Spain)
10-31-09 Coverage on France 24 (France)
10-30-09 Turkish flyer is on-line
10-29-09 Coverage on Tarakash (India)
10-29-09 Coverage on RTL Televizija (Croatia)
10-29-09 Coverage on Yahoo (India)
10-29-09 Coverage on Milliyet (Turkey)
10-29-09 Coverage on Il Giornale (Italy)
10-29-09 Coverage on L'Unit� (Italy)
10-29-09 Coverage on News.cn (China)
10-28-09 Latvian flyer is on-line
10-28-09 Coverage on Sify News (Uk)
10-28-09 Coverage on La Stampa (Italy)
10-28-09 Coverage on Metro (Uk)
10-27-09 Coverage on Donbass (Ukraine)
10-27-09 Coverage on Krone (Austria)
10-27-09 Coverage on TgCom (Italy)
10-27-09 Coverage on The Sun (Uk)
10-27-09 Coverage on Vienna Online (Austria)
10-27-09 New dreams added
10-26-09 Coverage on Short News (Germany)
10-26-09 Coverage on Hvg (Hungary)
10-26-09 Coverage on Ziua (Romania)
10-26-09 Coverage on Heckler Spray (Uk)
10-26-09 Coverage on Bild (Germany)
10-25-09 Coverage on Politiken (Danmark)
10-24-09 Coverage on Guardian (Uk) printed: no link
10-21-09 Coverage on Joe Monster (Poland)
10-20-09 Coverage on Taratur (Macedonia)
10-20-09 Faeroes flyer is on-line
10-20-09 Danish flyer is on-line
10-20-09 Polish flyer is on-line
10-19-09 Map of dreams (beta)
10-19-09 Coverage on Taraf (Turkey)
10-18-09 Coverage on Pagina/12 (Argentina)
10-18-09 Coverage on Terra (Chile)
10-16-09 Coverage on Metro (Sweden)
10-15-09 Coverage on Ekstra Bladet (Danmark)
10-15-09 Coverage on Daniel Tosh of Commedy Central (Us)
10-15-09 Coverage on Poszkole (Poland)
10-15-09 Hebrew flyer is on-line
10-15-09 Dutch flyer is on-line
10-15-09 Coverage on dcnews (South Korea)
10-15-09 Russian flyer is on-line
10-14-09 Coverage on I Heart Chaos
10-14-09 Coverage on Dirty.ru (Russia)
10-14-09 Serbian flyer is on-line
10-14-09 On air on Coast to Coast AM (Us)
10-14-09 Coverage on dongA (South Korea)
10-14-09 Coverage on Yahoo Korea
10-13-09 Picture from Puerto P�ritu (Venezuela) is online
10-12-09 On Red Bar Radio (Chicago) download mp3
00-00-00 a Facebook group


15-01-11 A wonderful piece of art by nfmitchell on deviantART
19-11-10 A draw on Facebook
19-11-10 An exhibition in Providence RI (Us)
12-28-09 This Mario found at Goldsmiths University, London
10-21-09 Ever Dream This Woman? www.thiswoman.org
10-21-09 Ever Dream This Shaq? www.thisshaq.org
10-20-09 Turkish Hypothesis :-)
10-19-09 Wooly Willy (fan art from Brazil)
10-15-09 Ever dream this robot?
10-15-09 Korean Hypothesis :-)
10-14-09 Chilen Hypothesis :-)

A painting of Marcel Antonio (from Philippines):

A dreamer old sketch 2003-2004 (from Las Vegas):