This Man Flap

One year after went online and after all the media hype about the “Dream Man” we can finally share with all of you several evidences.
At the beginning of 2011, between January 7?9, this website has received an e?mail bombing from dreamers all over the world. Visits at were 20 times higher than last year average data.
Neither newspaper articles or other important media coverage have driven this flow of visitors. We could just consider it as a huge flap of apparition by This Man in our dreams.

Researches based on Google analytics reports have showed a recurrence of other lower peaks: February 3, March 9, April 8, May 6, July 3. All of this peaks are in the first days of the month, except on July 20, which we are deepen investigating.
It seems This Man appears in our dream mostly at the beginning of the month. Why this is happening just in several months of the year? Why is he dreamed with so much frequency and intensity right now?