Someone found this man in some backrooms.


Since 2019, This Man has been featured in the video game AI: The Somnium Files. He appears twice, and players are awarded a trophy if they see him on both of these occasions.

There is a Pakistani ummati named Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim, bearing some resemblance to ‘This Man,’ who, during his dreams, comes into contact with Allah, Prophet Muhammad, and other prophets from the biblical tradition. In his dreams, he has reportedly predicted the arrival of Covid-19, the flooding in Pakistan, and various geopolitical events. His dreams are compiled on the website More recently, he has foreseen the arrival of the third world war.

He has followers in Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia who are convinced that he is the Mahdi, the one destined to restore religion and justice before the end of the world. Although Muhammad Qasim has never claimed to be the Mahdi, to many, he is seen as the hidden Imam.

Recently, some of his followers have become convinced that he is This Man and have published a video to explain the reasons why Muhammad Qasim could be ‘This Man:

In 2021 This Man was used to design a ventriloquist dummy in the Freddy of the Spanish horror anthology television series Historias para no dormir (“Stories to Stay Awake”).

In this interview (min.19:30) Paco Plaza confirms it and reveals that it was a work of special effects artist Nacho Diaz.

This was the official trailer for Amazon Prime Video Spain



We have already reported here some people who got this man tattoo. It seems that many people want to have it on their body instead of in their dreams. Here you can find three new tattoos made in the last year in North America, Costa Rica and Russia.

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Over time a lot of independent musicians from all over the world have released albums and songs of different musical genres dedicated to This Man.
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(2023 - Italy)
Aleksejs Macions
(2023 - Latvia)
Explosión A Cuerpo Completo
(2022 - Spain)
This Man e os Sem Cueca
(2019 - Brazil)
(2017 - Poland)
Lian Similian & Olitari
(2016 - Israel/Germany)
EAC – Discos Raros
(2016 - Mexico)
KIRA: Noise Jersey
(2015 - Usa)
Southring-Gene, The 2nd

(2015 Austria)

Tyler Sullivan

(2013 - Usa)
Chemical Religion

(2011 - Usa)
DJ Nutflix

(2010 - Italy)

There was an holy man in Tamil India who sincerely affirm to be This Man.

His name is Siddhar Ulagam and he say: “Millions of people are searching for a divine face in theire dream. I am that face living in all soul”.

Website is currently off-line but you can check and evaluate trough

You can also watch this video from Vendhar Tv, where Siddhar Ulagam also claim to know previous birth secrets of Rajinikanth, an important tamil actor and screenwriter.

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