Photoshop Surgeon is a firm that transform photos for viewing pleasure using Adobe PhotoShop. To prove their skills they decide to perfom on this man historical portrait. Result is amazing.Read More →

Orions Belte are a norwegian psychedelic band that play instrumental music inspired by Nigerian 70’s rock, postcards from the French Riviera, Formula One races at the Monza track in Italy. This Man is in the cover of their debut album Mint and he is also the protagonist of  Joe Frazier music video. It is weird!Read More →

A video titled ¿Tú también has soñado con este hombre? is the first Draw My Life video for This Man. It’s in spanish and it’s awesome!Read More →

A lot of people on the Internet reuse This Man digital flyer. It become a meme that spread everywhere. published a lot of these on a dedicated page of its website. Take a look: More →

Someone in Japan made a Where’s Wally style app only for iPhone. We really hope this game will help the research. You can download it from here: More →

Daniel Belleza is a brazilian punk composer and musician. His band is Daniel Belleza e os Corações em Fúria. He is the first man on planet heart who has tattooed This Man face on his leg. Follow him on Facebook or Bandcamp.  Read More →